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Our Mission

Morgan's Place was established to assist families through the grieving process when experiencing the loss of a baby. We aid this process by memory-making, birth planning, funeral and burial services, and post-partum support groups for parents.

Our Story

Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you… Every baby was created with a divine purpose, not born, but created. For some families, like that of Nathan and Mollie Verdier, their children, Morgan and Marion, were given a divine purpose not to live, but to be born into the arms of Christ. It was thus revealed that their calling was to inspire the creation of Morgan’s Place Cemetery. Nathan and Mollie then began a journey to make commemoration more accessible for those who have shared their tragedy. The cemetery is named after Morgan, who lived only a few weeks in the womb in 2018. The difficult logistics of burying Morgan was not the only challenge faced by the couple. Obtaining the remains was the first, as it is not standard practice at hospitals for children under twenty weeks gestation to be released to parents for burial. The Verdiers received special permission for this, aided by the advocacy of their doctor. In early 2019, they lost another child; one of a set of triplets, whom they named Marion. The Verdier family decided to dedicate 2.5 acres of their farmland not only for the burial of Morgan and Marion, but also to assist others who suffer similar losses. Everyone in the family grieves, grandparents and siblings too. Those who leave the hospital with empty arms, suffer a loss so unique and so hidden. It is really a love story, but it takes some time to be able to share. After a time, Mollie was able to do so: "Grief consumed me most days, but finally I chose to tell the love story of my babies, not for pity or comments of sympathy, but because they deserve to be acknowledged. They are my babies. The picture I hold in my mind of my beautiful family includes not only my nine children that run, but also the two that fly".

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