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Infant Loss Awareness

Today is Infant Loss Awareness Day, In previous years, I would read people’s posts, but never really completely shared in the depth of their grief. That is until Nathan and I experienced it first hand with the loss of our baby Morgan in the Fall of 2018 and then 5 months later our triplet Marion . Grief consumed me most days, everyone in the family griefs, Grandparents and Siblings too. So today when you see posts on Infant loss , please take a moment to pray for those that left the hospital with Empty Arms, it’s a loss so unique and so hidden. It’s a sisterhood, a love story really, but it takes some time to be able to share. Today I choose to share my love story of my babies, not for pity, likes or comments of sympathy, but because they deserve to be acknowledged. They are my babies. So as I share this beautiful picture of my family, try to see not only my 8 children that run, but also the 2 that fly.

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